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Penny Monks, Supervisor of Federal Programs

Parent Involvement and other Resources for Educators

  • District Parent Involvement Policy
  • Family Engagement Policy
  • School-wide Program Requirements (10 Implementation Components)

Resources for Parents and Students

  • Parent Guide to TN Ready
  • 10 Things to Know about TN Ready
  • Parent Checklist for TN Ready
  • Parent Newsletter
  • School Parent Involvement Policies & Plans
  • Highly Qualified Paraprofessional Requirements
  • % of Teachers Highly Qualified
  • Compass Learning Odyssey
  • School/Parent Compacts (English/Spanish)

English Language Learners

  • District Plan for Hiring Teachers Working with English Learners
  • English as a Second Language District Plan

If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns about any of the Title Programs in Giles County Public schools, please contact Penny Monks, Supervisor of Federal Programs. Email: Telephone: 931-363-4558.

Title I is a supplemental program, so students do not miss any classroom instructions. This program is the largest federal assistance program in our schools. Our goal is to provide extra help to students that need it most. The state has set goals for our children and this program will help them to meet the standards set.

The state sends into the Federal Government a plan that tells them what we expect our children to know, the standards of their performance that they are expected to meet, and the way that their progress will be measured. The state sends the money to the local school systems based on the number of low income families in the school, but the students who receive the service do not have to be from low income families.

One part of our program is to engage parents in their children education. Some of the ways is to provide training for parents to help them help their children. We encourage them to take advantage of the resources provided to them, read to their children, or ask the children to read to them, limit their children t.v. time, set good examples for their children, help their children to make learning fun, encourage good study habits, and to show interest in their children school day.

Title I offer additional training for school staff, extra time for instructions, a variety of teaching methods and materials. Title teachers work closely with regular classroom teachers in order to accomplish the same goals that are set for each individual student. The students spend anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes a week in the Title I class if in a Targeted Assist School (Bridgeforth Middle School). The class is a resource for improved student performance in the areas of Reading and Math.

All of our Title I Assistive and School-wide schools use a Compass Learning program, when used with proven learning strategies this program can produce desired outcome for teachers and increase students’ achievement.

Our goal is to raise achievement levels of students, provide complete Tennessee Standards coverage, provide teachers with the data they need to plan for instructions, and to provide students in the program with individualized instruction. We try to accommodate different learning & teaching styles, generate reports based on comprehensive data, create individualized learning paths, and support classroom instructions.

We plan and provide programs to cultivate a high quality learning environment, cooperation, and self-respect while meeting students’ needs and addressing diverse learning styles. We are committed to educators, children and parents to enhance the learning process.

Title I program (education of the disadvantaged, neglected, and migrant students, as well as: Title II, Part A - aide teachers and Principals Training and Recruiting new and well qualified personnel (class size reduction teachers, teacher testing – praxis exam, paraprofessional testing). Title III, Part A – Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient & Immigrant Students. Title III provides funds to assist and support LEP students in attaining English language proficiency and meeting the same challenging state academic achievement standards required of all students and Title VI, supervise activities authorized under Title IA. IIA, IIIA.

Parental Notification Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

ESEA Parental Norification.pdf