School Support Organizations

Recognized Organizations

The following is a list of organizations which have completed requirements and have been recognized by the Giles County Director of Schools as school support organizations for this school year:

GCHS Lady Cats Soccer Club

GCHS Cat Club - Boys Soccer

GCHS Band Backers

GCHS Athletic Booster Club

MHS Pounce Partners

Pulaski Elementary

School PTO

Richland Elementary School PTO

Southside Elementary School PTO

Richland School Raider Nation

Information Regarding the Law

All school support organizations that solicit funds/fundraise in pursuit of their mission to support schools must comply with the School Support Organization Financial Accountability Act (SSOFAA), or Public Chapter 326. According to SSOFAA, all districts must post or publish a list of recognized school support organizations each year. (TCA 49-2-605)

According to Tennessee law, a School Support Organization is defined as “a booster club, foundation, parent-teacher association, parent-teacher organization, parent-teacher support organization, or any other nongovernmental organization or group of persons whose primary purpose is to support a school district, school, school club, or academic, arts, athletic, or social activity related to a school, that collects or receives money, materials, property, or securities from students, parents, or members of the general public.”

(TCA 49-2-603)

These organizations are required to be approved and authorized by the Director of Schools (through written agreement) and to obtain approval from the Director of Schools prior to any and all specific fundraising activities. The authorization and written agreement must be renewed each school year, and fundraising activities must also be approved each school year.

Any school support organization which has not been recognized by the Director of Schools through formal agreement may not engage in fundraising for a school, school club, athletic team, etc. Any unauthorized group shall not use the name or logo of the individual school or the Giles County School System/Board of Education for any purpose.

This law does not apply to individuals who simply wish to donate funds to a school, nor does it apply to any business or industry which chooses to donate funds and whose primary purpose is not to raise funds for a school. The law also does not apply to fundraising conducted by the actual school or by school clubs or teams.

For additional information, contact the Giles County Board of Education, 931.363.4558.

Notification: Web sites that are maintained by school support organizations are not affiliated with the Giles County Board of Education, and the GCBOE is not responsible for the content on any such web pages.

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