I Purpose

The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank (referred to as SLB from here forward) is to provide sick leave to contributors who have suffered and unplanned personal illness, injury, disability or quarantine and whose personal sick leave is exhausted.

II Administration

*The SLB shall be administered by a Committee of Trustees. The Committee shall be composed of five (5) members: Two (2) members appointed by the School Board from its membership, two (2) members appointed by the Association from its membership and the Superintendent who shall chair the Committee.

III Rules

* 1. Any certified professional employee shall be eligible to participate in the SLB, however, a minimum participation of twenty (20) employees shall be required to establish the Bank.

* 2. Any teacher who elects to participate in the SLB shall initially have three (3) (the law allows a maximum of three) day(s) of sick leave deducted from his/her personal accumulation and deposited to the SLB. Teachers electing to participate shall do so during the months of August, September, or October of any year. Donations of the sick leave to the SLB are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

* 3. If at any time the number of days in the SLB is less than twenty (20), or one (1) per member if there are more than twenty (20) members, or at any time deemed advisable , the Committee shall assess each member one (1) or more days of accumulated sick leave. If a member has no accumulated sick leave at the time of assessment, the first earned days shall be donated as the accrued by the teacher.

* 4. By prior written notice to the Committee a member may withdraw from SLB participation on any June 30. Membership withdrawal shall result in forfeiture of all days contributed.

* 5. Members of the SLB shall be eligible to make application to the Bank for sick leave only after having been a member of the SLB for thirty (30) calendar days.

* 6. A participant shall not receive any sick leave from the SLB until after having exhausted all accumulated sick leave, personal leave, and/or annual leave, including all paid Board extensions.

* 7. Leave grants from the SLB, recommended by the Board of Trustees shall be in units of no more than twenty (20) consecutive duty days for the individual applicant. Applicants may submit requests for extensions of such leave grants before their prior grants expire. The maximum number of days any participant may receive as a result of any one of the same illness or accident is ninety (90) days.

* 8. In the event a member is physically or mentally unable to make a request tot he SLB for use of sick leave days, a family member or agent may file the request.

* 9. If the Committee determines it necessary, they may require a physician's certificate of condition from any member requesting additional leave. Refusal to comply will result in denial of the pending request for use of sick leave days from the Bank.

* 10. Sick Leave granted a member from the Bank need not be repaid by the individual except as all members are uniformly assessed.

* 11. Grans of sick leave from the SLB shall not be made to any member on account of any elective surgery, or illness of any member of the participants family, or during any period the member is receiving disability benefits from social security or the state or local retirement plan.

* 12. A member shall lose the right to obtain the benefits of the sick leave bank by:

a. Resignation or termination of employment.

b. Cancellation of participation which is effective on June 30 exact.

c. Refusal to honor such assessment as may be required by the Committee of Trustees.

d. Being on approved leave of absence with the exception of personal illness or disability leave.

e. Retirement.

IV Procedures

1. Contributions to the SLB must be made on a Sick Leave Bank Donation Form.

2. All requests to draw upon the Bank must be made upon a Sick Leave Bank Request Form and submitted to the Committee of Trustees within thirty (30) calendar days of the first dates Bank usage is requested. In extreme and unusual cases exceptions may be approved.

* 3. The Committee shall act affirmatively or negatively on all applications within ten (10) calendar days of the application.

4. All requests to draw from the Bank must be accompanied by a physician's statement on the approved form confirming the cause of illne3ss or injury and myst be signed by the physician.

5. An applicant may be required to undergo at his/her expense a medical review by a physician approved by the Committee.

6. Any person submitting a request to draw on the Bank must have made his/her proper contribution for the fiscal year in which the request is made.

7. All record of the SLB shall be kept in the central office of th school system which handles regular sick leave records. The Committee shall inform this office of all applications they approve and the amount of additional leave granted the member.

*Guideline required by "The Tennessee Teachers Sick Leave Bank Act."